New features in versions 8.2

Keep on innovating with more features available in straton 8.2

  • New integrated SCL Editor for managing IEC 61850 documents
  • Monitor other projects while on-line debugging a project
  • Configurator and driver for FlexIO and PointIO devices
  • Debug: trace points
  • LIMIT function is available for any data type
  • Functions: natural logarithm and exponent
  • Breakpoints and step by step debugging within SFC actions
  • ST: the index for FOR statement can be INT
  • Support of the ULINT and LWORD data types
  • CANopen nodes can be tested through the T5 runtime
  • Embedded HMI: support of system bitmaps
  • Customizable page layout for print
  • Print can chain all documents of the project
  • Bitfields and ENUM data types from a library
  • FBD: direct copy of structures
  • SFC: drag a variable on a transition
  • Spy list available in the fieldbus configurator window
  • Soft scope and binding now support "extern" variables