straton for Raspberry PI

straton is now available for programming applications with the Raspberry Pi

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straton 8.6 Now Available!

Discover the new features of straton 8.6![more]

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RightWON Plus with straton

VIZIMAX announces RightWON Plus, a smart controller designed to provide distribution and substation automation experts with a flexible all-in-one solution.

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DOOSAN chose straton

Doosan develops integrated monitoring & control system for Taean Thermal Power Plant based on straton technology

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Brodersen Systems KEMA certified with straton!

Brodersen A/S has passed the IEC61850 Client Level A Certification for the Product Series RTU32 at KEMA in the Netherlands.

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Straton solutions

To fulfill the requirements of the COPALP's OEM customers, the straton product is rich of wide range of features dedicated to this market. To provide you informations and offers more adapted, you will find below the solutions, corresponding to the answer of straton product to your specific needs.



The main problem in the embedded domain is essentially the size and resources available. Embedded HMI solution of COPALP answers these expectations. A reduced foot print, an ANSI ' C ' source code assuring the portability, no need of files system, no graphics library, no needs of system font, no need of operating systems. An universal solution for all the platforms.


Find the main features developed by Copalp concerning the domain of the energy (IEC 61850...)



In an optics of flexibility and performance, COPALP offers you the possibility to use straton as a gateway. Discover the various protocols of communication supported by straton (Modbus, Ethernet, CAN...).

COPALP Team is creating and developping IEC 61131-3 components since the first edition of the standard. For a Development suite perfectly adapted to the product, Copalp solutions allow to use standard environment, to customize it, or even to integrate only the necessary plug-in.


straton provides solutions to obtain a totally integrated automation environment into controllers or drives using IEC 61131-3. 

straton runtime for LEGO Mindstorms NXT: Create and develop your own programs with the straton runtime especially dedicated to Lego Mindstorm NXT!



COPALP proposes an effective solution for any platform manufacturers who want to integrate a controller function and / or communication protocols in their product.