straton for Raspberry PI

straton is now available for programming applications with the Raspberry Pi

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straton 8.6 Now Available!

Discover the new features of straton 8.6![more]

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straton for DLMS/ COSEM

It is now easy to communicate with a Smart Metering system, a dispatch center (IEC60870), a substation (IEC61850), a wind farm (IEC61400), a solar panel power plant and with any automation components

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New runtime for NXT

Have fun using the new Straton for NXT that includes drivers for Energy Meter and Microcontroller PCA8574, remote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C bus!

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Open Power Link integration in Straton

Not just an additional Realtime Ethernet protocol but a pathway to greater flexibility

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The world of the embarked platforms evolves, the configuration of platforms owes be intuitive. Buttons and digital display disappear to leave enough place to graphic screens. In the aim of answer this needs and facilitate access,  COPALP supply an additional tool to straton which assist customers in the graphic creation of page in embedded hardware. Today it is possible thanks to "Embedded HMI".

The main problem in the embedded domain is essentially the size and resources available. Embedded HMI solution of COPALP answers these expectations. A reduced foot print,  an ANSI  ' C ' source code assuring the portability, no need of files system, no graphics library, no needs of system font, no need of operating systems. An universal solution for all the platforms.





Embedded HMI editors

Embedded HMI solution offers an integrated environment simple and friendly. Indeed the editor is part of the Integrated Development Environement ( IDE) straton. Every straton project can contain graphic screens as well as the necessary resources like images (Bitmap), fonts and characters string. For every resource, a specific editor allows to create or to import these resources easily.


The simulator/ emulator

The straton environment of development integrates two indispensable tools to reduce the development time of graphic application. A simulator allowing to visualize (display) the depiction of the graphic screens and their animation. An emulator integrated into the straton graphic environment to reproduce the material interface of the equipment.


Screen management

All the functions allowing the management of pages or properties of every graphic element are made through the straton application. Every property can be directly mapped to a straton variable, it allows to realize all type of screens from the simplest to the most complex.

A straton variable can be an internal variable, an I/O, or a data coming from a fieldbus or from another runtime straton.