straton for Raspberry PI

straton is now available for programming applications with the Raspberry Pi

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straton 8.6 Now Available!

Discover the new features of straton 8.6![more]

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straton for DLMS/ COSEM

It is now easy to communicate with a Smart Metering system, a dispatch center (IEC60870), a substation (IEC61850), a wind farm (IEC61400), a solar panel power plant and with any automation components

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New runtime for NXT

Have fun using the new Straton for NXT that includes drivers for Energy Meter and Microcontroller PCA8574, remote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C bus!

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Open Power Link integration in Straton

Not just an additional Realtime Ethernet protocol but a pathway to greater flexibility

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COPALP Tool Kits are true portable "C" code software components that are independent of any operating system and from any hardware. 


The Virtual Machine (T5 Runtime) is a true portable 'C' code software component that is independent of any operating system and from any hardware.

The straton® Motion Control Tool Kit is complete package for manufacturers of control systems and it provides an easy way to implement motion library within the IEC61131 environment.

Embedded HMI solution offers an integrated environment simple and friendly. Indeed the editor is part of the Integrated Development Environement ( IDE) straton.

The straton software validation tool is designed for OEMs that want to automate the validation of the straton instruction set, create test applications and automate regression testing in order to identify changes that impact behavior.