straton SCL editor

COPALP provides a configuration tool for the Substation Configuration Language (SCL) defined by the IEC61850-6 standard. The SCL editor is integrated in the straton Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or can be integrated in any framework using the controls/widgets provide by COPALP.

  • Modern IEDs are adaptable to a lot of different tasks, this means that several capability subsets for the same device have to be defined, each allowing to instantiate/use all of the contained capabilities.
  • To be able to exchange the device descriptions and system parameters between tools of different manufacturers in a compatible way, IEC 61850-6 defines a substation configuration language (SCL). 
  • These capabilities are described in the ICD
  • The MISC (Model Implementation Conformance Statement) document contains the detail of the device capabilities



straton Substation Configuration Language editor (SCL editor) is a performing and easy to use assistant to create ICD and CID files. It contains all the capabilities and description of configuration predefined for an ICD (Intelligent Electronic Device) or a BCU (Bay Control Unit).


  • Save time with integrated SCL editor
  • Create IED Capabilities Description files (ICD)
  • Create Instantiated IED Description files (IID,CID)
  • Logical node library for IEC61850-7-4 /  IEC61400-25
  • Create and configure Datasets
  • Create and configure GOOSE
  • Create and Configure Buffered and Unbuffered Report Control Blocks (RCBs)