Monitoring Tools

straton includes a wizard that builds a monitoring application for the project.

The monitoring application is operated by the straton Monitoring Tool for monitoring and controlling the project without needing the full Workbench.




Flash is required!


straton monitoring tool

How does it works?

The Workbench is used for building the monitoring application in a unique file. The standalone Monitoring Tool operates the monitoring application: it animates documents according to real time values from the connected target runtime. A monitoring application groups programs, lists of variables, plus the trace of runtime messages. The tool displays the value of the variables and can be used for forcing a variable.



Building the monitoring application

Select the type of tree, local variables under program, variable first. Use the full symbol table generated by the compiler or automatically upload symbols from the target at connection time. Select items of the project that you want to include in the monitoring application. For each item included in the application you can define a password.
For each variable you can select one of the following access protection, Free : the variable can be freely forced,
protected : forcing the variable is possible with a password and No : the variable can never be forced.



Operates the application

The monitoring tool is a standalone product, the entire workbench is not required. The entire monitoring application is stored in a unique compressed file what could be easily send over the network to a customer for debugging purpose or maintenance.



Security issues

All programs stored in the monitoring application are encrypted. The user of the viewer cannot explore, copy or drag the contents of a watched program.