Robot application

24A, a Danish company has made a high application using robot and STRATON for a very successful Danish restaurant chain. [more]

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Euroimpianti use straton

Euroimpianti designed a line made up of three robots, a vehicle on rails and control system. All of them integrating Straton and using Straton distributed protocol over the Wi-Fi network.

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zenon Challenge 2012

The winners of the zenon Challenge 2012 with their winning project SynergyRGB (from left to right): Jarosław Gawryluk, Wojciech Gregorczyk und Paweł Kowalik der Firma Synergy Polska.[more]

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Distributed applications

straton allows binding between different virtual machines to exchange real time data through TCP-IP protocol. An editor is delivered to manage the binding map with several straton projects.



The T5 protocol is based on a "publish-subscribe" model. Each runtime system may publish many variables on the network and consumes variables from other runtime systems. The same published variable can be consumed in several destination nodes. The value of the variable is sent on the network only when it changes in order to ensure low network traffic at runtime. 


Connections management

straton offers a global tool for defining the data exchange among several nodes. The global binding editor enables you to declare new variables in source and destination projects without need of opening the straton Workbench. If the straton Workbench is opened when you declare a variable in the binding editor, it is automatically updated with the new created variable. The global binding editor allows building all updated projects in once.