DOOSAN chose straton

Doosan develops integrated monitoring & control system for Taean Thermal Power Plant based on straton technology

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straton for DLMS/ COSEM

It is now easy to communicate with a Smart Metering system, a dispatch center (IEC60870), a substation (IEC61850), a wind farm (IEC61400), a solar panel power plant and with any automation components

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Open Power Link integration in Straton

Not just an additional Realtime Ethernet protocol but a pathway to greater flexibility

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COPALP introduces DNP3

The Energy and Water industries require more and more complex protocols and control applications to meet the growing demands for more information, more often. DNP3 (distributed network protocol) slave for straton® is a new components for the COPALP's customers in order to facilitate the integration of industry-standard protocols and applications and is simplifying the configuration process by providing the end customer with easy to use graphical tools.


Distributed Network Protocol

Widely used in the electric utility industry, DNP3 provides open communications over a wide geographical area. In a DNP3 network, a control room SCADA master typically supervises Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs).

The DNP3 protocol has significant features that make it more robust and efficient. The event oriented data reporting is one of these advantages, decreasing the network load and providing buffers. This can result in significantly more responsive data retrieval than polling everything, all the time, irrespective of whether it has changed significantly.

The COPALP integration of DNP3 provide easy to use graphical tool to declare or import variables from a .csv file.

In addition to DNP3, COPALP supports IEC 60870 and IEC 61850, two other popular standards in the utilities industry.


More about DNP3: www.dnp.org



DNP3 configuration tool